Pocket light + solar phone charger

Pocket light + solar phone charger

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  Gear experts worldwide are stunned how this tiny light will replace 4 different survival tools! The Pocket Light can be easily carried around, ready for any emergency....
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Gear experts worldwide are stunned how this tiny light will replace 4 different survival tools!

The Pocket Light can be easily carried around, ready for any emergency. Its small size makes it easy to carry while camping, driving, cycling or hiking.Highly recommended by Bear Grylls, Cody Lundin, and Les Stroud. The Pocket Light comes in an innovative design, it is SGS, ANSI and ISO approved for your convenience and safety.

The reason you’re seeing this page today is because we just released a Brand-New Survival Light.

It’s not that often I get excited about survival lights.

But since this one is so effective and packed with so many cool features I can’t help but get fired up about it.

Now I know at first glance the Pocket Light looks like a weird green & black hockey puck. But don’t let appearances fool you.

Truth is the Pocket Light is one of the only survival lights in the world that does what it does.

Gear experts worldwide are stunned how this tiny light will replace 4 different survival tools.

They’re also amazed how a built-in mechanism allows it to harness the power of Mother Nature to help save your life in a crisis.

Another reason they love it? The Pocket Light has a rugged, “nature proof" design that makes it ideal for survival camping, backpacking, road trips, nights outside on the patio and more.

Once you see everything the Pocket Light does I’m guessing you’ll probably want two of them.

One for your survival kit and one to use camping, backpacking, working outside at night, etc.

Take a look below and see what makes this new light so great.


5 More Reasons You’ll Love Your Pocket Light
Once your Pocket Light arrives at your home you’ll quickly discover it’s going to be your new go to light for everything (that’s why I recommend getting 2 or more). 

Take a look at the other reasons gear experts love this new light!
Will never weigh you down - Even though the Pocket Light is 3 survival tools in one you’ll never notice. At only 5 ounces in weight, this incredible survival tool can go with you everywhere without wearing you out or weighing you down! 
Will save you $$$ - Most survival lights and lanterns rely on batteries to generate bright light. Not the Pocket Light. When you own this amazing solar powered light you’ll never pay another red cent to see in the dark. Imagine what you’ll be able to buy now that you never have to spend money on costly batteries for flashlights anymore... 
Will withstand nature’s worst - The Pocket Light has been made specifically for survival and to withstand the worst you’ll encounter. Rain, dirt, snow, or wind can’t make it inside when closed shut. Plus it’s been fitted with weathertight rubber stoppers to keep moisture and grit off of sensitive electronics. Not to mention the rugged thermo molded plastic shell protects it from drops, dings and destruction.
Gives you super-bright light - Because of its special design the Pocket Light will give you incredible, dark-conquering light. Rated at 60 lumens, the Pocket Light’s advanced design will banish the night while helping you see no matter how dark it is.
It’s fun to use - One of the main reasons to love this light is it’s just as useful for survival as it is for everyday life. Because it converts from flashlight to lantern and because it acts as a spare battery charger you’ll find it’s fun to use when you’re participating in activities like camping, backpacking, or barbecuing outdoors. Makes a great gift for friends and family too!



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